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Flexible as a container, light as a sailboat

Welcome on board!

Last step: claim your private Docker namespace

You will need it to login from the Docker client.

These credentials are fully independent from Runabove's ones.

Welcome on board!

Last step: link your RunAbove account

Welcome on board, {{ user.name }}!

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1. Claim your account

1. Log in

Using your Docker client:

{{ gs_prompt }} docker login sailabove.io
User: {{ username || '[Choose a Sailabove username]' }}
Password: {{ gs_password() }}
Email: {{ user.email }}

2. Push a Docker image

Grab an image. Let's say :

{{ gs_prompt }} docker pull {{ gs_image() }}:latest

Push it to Sailabove private registry:

{{ gs_prompt }} docker tag {{ gs_image() }} sailabove.io/{{ gs_username() }}/{{ gs_image() }}
{{ gs_prompt }} docker push sailabove.io/{{ gs_username() }}/{{ gs_image() }}

3. Sail away!

Launch your first Sailabove service, using our Sail client:

{{ gs_prompt }} sail service create {{ gs_username() }}/{{ gs_image() }} {{ gs_image() }}

Wait a few seconds. Your first container is running on our infrastructure!

{{ gs_prompt }} sail service list

You can now access it, see: {{ gs_image() }}.{{ gs_username() }}.app.sailabove.io.

To learn more about our private networks, highly-available volumes, load balancer and more, please visit our documentation.